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More delays!


Hi everyone! I decided to have some rest after over-working myself quite badly last summer. I had hoped I could get started with the next book during September, but something came up that postpones all other works for at least a month or two. Long story short, I was hired for a big movie product to create all the artwork the main character in that said film creates as well as to play as his drawing hand during the shooting. It’s a well-paid gig and for once the visibility is only an added bonus on top of the financial compensation! So it’s good news! The down side is, I won’t be able to do much anything else during the shooting, there will be a lot of work that needs to be done in a tight schedule, and since I’m still pretty tired, this is going to take all my time and energy for now.

Fear not! Hrotgar will return and I’m aiming to finish his saga at the end of 2022!


Book 6 is finished and I need to rest

Yeah, another milestone is reached, and God-killer’s story arc is 2/3 done! This was a busy summer, since I had been working with two other comic projects while making God-killer, and all of them had a deadline this July. Now everything is done and I’m exhausted. I’ll take a short break and God-killer will return at some point this Autumn! If you have a Facebook, the best place to stay tuned in the most recent news is here:

I hope you have enjoyed the ride this far! Things are gathering speed in the world of Alwoerin and the next 3 books are going to be pretty intense.